Need expert to set up retool


I just need this simple solution to be set up …and if there is monthly payment i well pay or set up fee …

i want make one database to store customers id cards …

For example :

When you go to money exchange office shop such as western union … they ask you to represent your id card or passpoart to recive money right …

But usring this database that well allow shop owners to create and store at once customer id cards by scanned and upload so next time the customer just need to re presnt mobile no. Or name only …

The customer data filed :

Id no : generated by databas.

Name ;

Mobile no.

Id card issue date

Id card expire date

Id card scanned view …

In the database the last colum want to be a view id card once you click on customer name .

This database i well call it : customers box .

All user well be able to :

edit and add customer and view customer and download id card scanned image …

I well be admin who create user account and user profile …

User profile :

Company name

Company location address

Company logo

User name


Dashboread well be …

No of customers

No of national id cards

No of passports

Date and time


Please create this for me to test it and start immiditaly …

How much well cost me to have it with my own custom doman. And label per month ? With storage database …

Please let me know

Hi @Awsansaleem! Moving this message over to the hiring section!