Navigation component no longer shows option for background color for selected menu item in styles

I went to update a style on my navigation component but the option for the selected menu option background is not showing..

Hello @dneal,

The styles are missing is probably because the menu items are empty, try adding one and the styles should appear.

Unfortunately that doesn't seem to make a difference.

Hey @dneal!

Can you try setting "Highlight" to true on one of your options like in the screenshot that @lenti shared?

At the moment, navigation components don't have a "selected item" the way, for instance, the Tabs component does. Instead, you can dynamically highlight certain items, usually based on the page you're on. There's a thread here where some options around that are explored.

Let us know if any of this helps or raises additional questions!

I'm having this same issue. You can see the item highlighted and set to true, but no option to change those highlighted colors.

Note that I tried creating an entirely new navigation component and that one is also missing this option

Ah bizarre, thanks for sharing that context! It looks like this may be a bug, are other people in your org seeing the same thing? Can you try accessing the same app in an incognito window or a separate browser and let me know if you see the same issue?