(n00b) JSON response isn't recognized as data (?)

Hi folks,

I'm new here, and absolutely a n00b when it comes to this environment :smiley:
Therefore I hope you'll be a bit gentle with me in this.

When I retrieve data from our webshop-API, I expected that the variables inside this data would be recognized correcly, but the only part that's going as it should is the endpoint spilling out the customers as it should :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The rest of the data is showing as raw JSON-data. What am I doing wrong here? Anyone who has an idea?

Many and grateful thanks in advance!


Hi @Hielkio!

It looks like your API data object is nested, something like { customers: {id: ...} }

In order to access the inner object, {{ query.data.customers }} should do it for ya!

Hope that works + keep us posted :smile:


You're the best Victoria!

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Beautiful! Glad it’s working + happy to help with anything else.