My SQL query returns an object & array but stops shortly after


I haven't ran into this issue before.

My MySQL query returns an object/array where I can reference the data like so:

Which is exactly what I want and how all my other MySQL queries return data.

However, i'm trying to reference these values in the Success Event Handler (only continue if clause) of the same query, and it works at first (as intended), but within a minute or so it's like the array vanishes and the ability to reference the .column_name dissapears. It also returns NULL for as well.

Recreating the query from scratch resolves the issue, but within a minute i'm back to the same issue.

What am I missing? Is this issue tied to me trying to reference the query's results in the same query's success event handler (only continue if clause)?

When the issue begins, I can't reference it properly anymore in any other queries. I'm stumped.

Hey @slittle!

I suspect that should work. You mentioned it failing only after a minute - I'm curious if at that point anything changes in the return value for your query. Would you mind posting screenshots of the query itself or the logic you have set in your event handler?

If you could check your debug console for your run history that may also be helpful context: