My retool application deployed on aws has become inaccessible what to do?

Please can you help me.

My retool application deployed on aws has become inaccessible what to do?

After restarting my instance, I connected to it via ssh and I realised that my postgres 9.5 docker container is out and that I can no longer access the web interface of my retool application, even though I had already developed a large part of my project there. I don't want to loose my data.

Hey @T200

Is this after restarting your AWS instance? Did you also try restarting your containers using sudo docker-compose down and sudo docker-compose up -d?

It might be helpful if you can post any logs you have either from AWS or using docker logs --tail 100 <your postgres container name>

Hi, that are my log

Thanks for those logs! Can you try increasing the memory on the postgres docker container? Based on this line it seems as though that could be the issue

How can i do that ??

You can check for your current memory limits by running docker stats in your AWS terminal. That should output something like the following:

By default, the limits on each container should match the total amount of memory available on your machine, in which case you might try bumping the memory of the host machine. For instance, if you're running on EC2 the amount of memory you have available is defined by your instance type and you can bump the memory by changing it (if you don't happen to know or remember exactly what your instance type is you can follow these steps to check it).

Let me know if that helps!