My Apps not working

None of my apps are working.. They are slowed by 50x amount. At first I thought I have lost all my data, but apps loaded after 3 mins.. It looks like server has been slowed.. Fix this issue as soon as possible.. We have important product on pipeline and we require it urgently

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Same issue for my app as well. My SQL Queries take up to 80 seconds which results in an unexceptable user experience.

The app I have running is super important for my customer and downtime right now is a big issue. Could you please seek out to solve this issue?

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Same for me

Hi all,

This was definitely our fault and it affected multiple organizations across the platform. Thank you for writing into the forum about this and alerting others who view the forum before we were even online. We should be fully functional as of a few hours ago! How is it looking on your ends now?

I am having same issue today

Looks like we went down...again :pensive:

I'll also keep this thread updated!

We should be back up! @RickyGomez, how are your apps loading today? The team will post on the status page as we learn more! :blush:

All ok on my end again, was under heave load yesterday but seems to be back to normal :v:

Awesome, thank you for confirming @minijohn. And nice to see you in this thread (just saw your super clever workaround for triggering JS queries in the other thread)!

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problems yesterday morning but not any more, thanks for keeping us updated

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