Multiselect showing tag twice

For the past day or so the multiselect component has been displaying the first tag selected by default twice—once as a token and once as plain text. The plain text disappears if I open and close the multiselect.

Here is a video of the interaction.

In case it matters:

  • My data source for the mutliselect is a MongoDB query.
  • The value is set to {{ item._id }}
  • The label is set to {{ }}
  • The default value is set to ["6237dfb1cde92fb1ec147966", "6237dfb1cde92fb1ec147933"]

Happening for me in both Chrome (99.0.4844.51) and Safari (15.1 - 17612. on macOS Monterey (12.0.1).

Seeing the same issue

Hey, thanks for flagging this! I couldn't repro this behavior on my end (on-cloud). Could you share screenshots of your multi-select settings in the right inspector panel?

Is this on-prem? If so, which version of Retool are you using?

I can’t post screenshot right now but running on cloud.

Also running on the cloud.

However, it seems to be working properly for me today.

Here are screenshots of the multiselect I setup yesterday to reproduce this issue. I haven't changed anything on it since posting. Like I said though, it's working properly now. :man_shrugging: