Multiselect overlay aligned to top of window

I've been noticing this bug today.

If the multiselect component is too low on the page and its overlay needs to open above then it is being displayed at the top of the window instead of being just above the input field:

However, if it's place high enough on the page it works properly:

Here is the inspector for the multiselect where I recreated this bug:

Hi @benbarry! Oh no. Just to double check, if you hard refresh, does this persist? And if so, would it be alright if we stepped into this app to take a look at? We haven't been able to reproduce this behavior on our end just yet!

@victoria It was still doing it all day yesterday, but today it all seems to be working fine again. Nothing changed on my end. I'll let you know if it happens again.

Wonderful. Glad it started working :star_struck:

Definitely let me know if it breaks again!