Multiselect field NULL value

I am not sure if it is a bug, but when I insert my multiselect data into my PostgreSQL DB (Retool Database), it is adding a NULL value to the beginning of the array.

Is a text type the best way to save a multiselect field to the db or is there a better way that is easier to display the data in a table?

I wanted to create a one-to-many relationship but was stumped on how to do that as the multiselect options are mapped from a PostgreSQL DB with a list of U.S. States.

Thank you so much for the help as I don't know how to proceed!

@elevatedequities Welcome to the forum!

If you could post the insert statement it will help the forum to figure out the issue.... and also how the values are being selected / added to the insert statement (from what field - and how is this field being populated?

Thank you! The forum has been a huge help with searching!

I am just using a GUI changeset object insert so it does it automatically. I had tried to do it differently but was the same.

So the View tab is what gets inserted? OR is the form in the first screen you sent? I think it's the first screen.
So, when you view (hover over it) does it appear to have any null values? and when you run getStates query what does that return?

Sorry it is the add tab that inserts the data. (yes the second image on the initial post)

The object when I hover looks fine:
{"companyName":"Buy More","contactName":"Chuck Bartowski","contactEmail":"","contactPhone":"5168529959","hubspotCompanyId":"23423432324","limitOnBrokerPoints":"3","speed":"3-6","statesNote":"Anything here","upfrontFees":"2000","website":"","states":[80,82,84,87],"minLoanAmount":5000000,"maxLoanAmount":50000000,"loanPrograms":[1,3,7,9,6],"months":{"start":57,"end":326},"points":"5","ppp":"25","rates":"5-12","stateLocatedIn":[78,79,80,81]}

The getStates query looks perfect with nothing null:

Is there a better way in your opinion to save this? I am not stuck with doing it this way at all.

It's hard to say what to do but I would select from each field when you are reading the data you inserted to see where the null is coming from - in your first screenshot it seems that null is being added to the values that differ than what you inserted - if this is the case, your select statement might need adjustment or the data populated in the form needs some masssaging.