Multiple files using file picker

When using a file picker with Selection type set to Multiple files, if I drag and drop one file, it works. But if I then drag and drop another file, the last file added replaces the old value....
Scenario is where a user could potentially need to upload multiple files from different locations on their computer..... Any thoughts?

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Anyone from Retool team?

This looks like a bug unfortunately -- thank you for flagging this. I've brought this up to our engineering team and we'll reply back when a fix is made available for this!

@ezou Is there an ETA on this?

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+1 for this issue

@victoria Any chance you can find out if there is an ETA on this fix?

Hey Scott, I have reached out to eng for an ETA on this fix and will update here once I get an estimate.

Hey, so I touched base with the team and there is no estimate on when this will be addressed. Multiple files allows for uploading multiple files *at once, *rather than one after another.