Multiple components Hide and show is overlapping the components

I have made a sequence of 10 input fields continuous in a list view. Now i am hiding and showing these 10 input fields dynamically with a number input field outside the listview.
When I am entering 2 in number input, it will show 2/10 input fields in list view. But When I am giving 3 as input 3rd input field is overlapping, i don't know why? can anyone explain?

Hi @harshit.j

Could you share a screenshot of the rightside panel? This way I could see exactly how your list view is set up.


:pray: echo'ing our friend Joey! Happy to help here. Any details you can share about your setup would be awesome as I try to recreate it on my end!

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Please look into the issue.

Looking into this with you over chat! :blush: