More table events

The new way you are handling events is a significant improvement and I recognize it gives you the ability to easily add more needed events.

So there are a few more events I would like to see in the Table component which should be pretty easy to add. Some of these I would really like now to simplify one of my apps. The others I can definitely see using in the future.

  • onLoad - fires when .data has been loaded (or reloaded)
  • onRowChange - fires when the row changes, i.e when .selectedRow changes. .onRowSelect does not pick up every change to the row selection (like when using arrow keys to navigate table.)
  • onFilter - fires when the filter changes and .displayedData has changed.
  • onSort - fires when the sort has changed.
  • onPageChange - fires when the page is changed.
  • onRowEdit - fires when the user begins editing inline row editing
  • onRowAdd - fires when the user enters inline new row mode.

Hi @bradlymathews! The Retool team really appreciates your feedback. :slight_smile:

We went ahead and added a subset of the events you requested to the Table component (filter change, sort change, page change, cell change):

Feel free to try them out and let us know if they work as you intended!

(We will likely be adding more events from your list to Table in the near future, but we wanted to notify you about this first batch of additions.)

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