Module output does not work immediately after switching environments

Retool version 2.70.21
We have a two environments and for apps that uses the output value of a module, the output doesn't seem to work immediately after switching environments.
For example:

  1. input1 is set to {{ module.outputValue }}
  2. on loading the app you notice that you need to switch to the staging environment
  3. after switching the environment, open the module (which has a table in which you can select a row, which is tied to the output), select a row in the module, the parent app input1 which should show the output has no value.

Tested that modules seem to have the correct output value when switching environments.

Hey @wling,

It looks like this might be related to another bug that we are currently investigating with Module outputs being cleared, I have added a note to the report to follow up here when the bug has been resolved.

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