Module Input not working on Select Label


I created a selector component in a module with a "label" input with the selector's label set to {{label.value}}

However, when I use the component in a project, the Label is missing when the "label" input is set

However, the label does appear when using a default on the input in the module.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



Hey Adam, apologies for the difficulties here!

I just started looking into this and I was wondering if you could share a screenshot of the input settings for your Selector component within the module. Here's an example:

I'm trying to reproduce things on my end and this info would be helpful.

Thank you!

Hi Grace! Thanks for working on this.

I've tried both with and without a default value for the label input:

Hi @adam_duff Are you still seeing this issue? I'm not able to reproduce it on my end.

If it's still an issue, would you mind either sharing an export of your app on this thread or emailing us at Thanks!