Module input default value does not work if injecting transformer/temporary state value

Modules allow you to define data input types. Along with that, you can define what the default value should be. The default value allows me to inject a temporary state value, or transformer value. It renders appropriately with the default in the editing module view. When injecting the module into an app, it does not apply the default from injected temporary state or transformer.

If I go back and hard code the value, the default gets applied.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a module with a temporary state
  2. Add an input, define the default value to the temporary state value
  3. Use a text box component, inject the input value as the value

You will notice that in the edit module page, it works as expected.
When you inject the module into an app, it does not work as expected.

Hey @jgrubb! Thanks for posting about this. I was able to recreate this and will be submitting a bug report for you.



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Hey! Any updates on the fix?
I am also facing this error: Setting/getting temporary state is asynchronous? - #5 by harekamsingh

No updates yet, but we'll let you know here when there is!