[Modal] How to transfer an id to another module

I am using the component Modal, to open an input form. The input form is in another module, so the module is inserted in the modal.

To populate the input form, I would like to let the Modal know, which data to fetch (via an id). But I cannot find a possibility to make the information of this id visible in the module.
This only works (from what I can see) if I open the new module as a seperate page with an event handler which puts the id url.

See attached screenshots

Check out this doc: Modules

That did help, but the final solution was to create localStorage Variable on trigger, which made the value visible in the Modal. How it works with input values, I am still not sure, maybe I do not understand the documentation correctly.

Hey @ObiOne,

  1. In your form module add a project_id input
    Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 17.45.22

You can now access this variable via project_id.value in your module.

  1. In your modal where you added the module add the id of the selected row.
    Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 17.47.07

Does that help?

Thanks, there is what I was missing and in the documentation in the screenshot was not clear to me! The new variable defined as input in the module magically appears in the it-using app. Thanks!

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