Mobile View- editable table - "Save" and Pagination Next Page collide

I created a mobile view that includes a table that is editable. When I change a value - the save button appears as expected at the bottom but is obscured by the pagination control in the footer.

Considering that the user may still want to use the pagination control when performing updates, I would suggest adding the cancel and save button either above or below the pagination control.

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Hey @davemac - thanks for reporting this. I was able to reproduce this on my end, and I’ll bring it up with engineering to try and get a quick fix.

Sure thing. Alex Tapper when back and forth with me previously but do not see any of his comments.

@justin Any updates on this issue or work arounds? Thanks

Hey @matmacman! Unfortunately no fix in the works quite yet :frowning: You could potentially use Custom CSS?

Got it to work with Custom CSS:
Text Component, rendered as HTML:

.-center {
	visibility: hidden;

Create a custom transformer named transformer1 that returns true to enable the CSS:

const data = {{table.changeSet}};
for (item in data) {
  if ('email' in data[item]) {
    return false;
return true;

On the text component, set hide when true to