Mobile Tool Image URI No Base64


We're having a hard time debugging mobile apps on actual mobile phones. For example, we have an app that is using the image uploader, and on the computer simulator it works fine and can produce a base64 image but on Android or iOS (both tested), when we submit a variable we are storing the B64 string in, it's showing up as None.

var base64Data = await utils.getDataByObjectURL(imageInput1.files[0].uri)

This sets our value for the uploaded image. Same exact code will have a valid Base64 value when uploaded from a desktop, but mobile will have a value of None. There's a URI link that can be printed when it takes the photo which shows a .jpg somewhere in the phones storage directory, but I can't debug the issue as there's no console on an actual mobile.

Hmm, that should work! I just tested on my end and your approach seems to work:

Can you test out this app and let me know what you see?
test b64 app.json (15.1 KB)

It will show it if I put it to a text box (usually will crash it though) but when sending to a REST API or using it in query/function I'm having the issue

Got it, so the issue is with wiring up Image Input with a query? Can you show how you're wiring up the query?