Mobile Canvass can't be viewed by some users

Is there a limitation in the mobile canvass in Retool? I designed a mobile app and some of my users can see the app on their mobile but there are already reports that for others it's only blank. These users are Android users and using Google Chrome to open the app. For some it's just a blank page. Is this a known bug or any other alternatives on how to fix this? Thanks!

Hi Kelvin, thanks for reporting this issue. With your app, do you also have widgets in your desktop layout? I only have a couple android devices and haven't seen this, but I can imagine an issue where if a device is big enough it may be trying to show the non-mobile layout (I have not verified this).

Hi Mike, there's some widgets in my desktop layout which I forgot to hide since I only designed initially in the mobile canvass. If that's the case the users should be able to see it right? But I think that's not what's happening. Some of them is just seeing blank page.

Edit: I've re-designed the desktop app similar to mobile to see if it's related to screen resolution (in case Retool is trying to show the desktop app) but still the same problem with blank pages.

Hi @kelvin-reyes!

Just wanted to step in here. Are some users still only seeing a blank mobile app? If so, I'd be happy to dig into this further with you.

Feel free to write into support, either by emailing or by clicking the question mark in the bottom right of an app editor > Chat with support! That way, we can step into your app to take a look or walk through other debugging methods.
Let me know :blush: