Missing location marker using Mapbox

Hi , I'm using mapbox module to display locations taken from my datastore. When the record is selected the map is jumping to the right location but not displaying a marker.

Ideal I'd like a custom marker but anything at this stage will do! below is the array i'm passing in the point box

{ longitude:table1.selectedRow.data.y, latitude: table1.selectedRow.data.x, marker:":motorcycle:",

and for long/lat I've inserted {{table1.selectedRow.data.y}} for Lat and {{table1.selectedRow.data.x}} for long

Any help would be greatful.


Hey @willfahy

Do you have a screenshot of that right hand panel with these values by chance?

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Using my laptop with low res so hopefully you can see that!


no worries!

I bet that Retool thinks you are giving it a string as opposed to a number for the latitude and longitude inputs. You could try converting the latitude and longitude reference to a number maybe?

What do your table.selectedRow.data.x & y look like? Do you have anything in the GeoJson section of the map?

Also looks like there is an extra comma after the last latitude longitude point.

I haven't touched the GeoJson section still have the default information in it.

I removed the extra commas and the map is still working.

The x & y data is for example : 53.275705 and -7.491993