Minors requests - UI


I have two small requests:

  1. Markdown support and the new text-icon component.
  2. Progress items: bar and circle. You integrated my earlier request for an indeterminate option on the progress circle. Thank you! It would be useful to have an animated progress bar to display the query's isFetching status and the progress percentage (%).

Just like in this example: Animated progress bar



hey @MicExpert i like these suggestions, and a +1 from me on both.

for the progress, i think it may be hard to show percent for things like a long DB query since client doesn't have any indication from server, but at least being able to separate the stages of the query:

  • retool/client-side processing
  • network transfer to server from client
  • sent to server -- waiting for response
  • downloading from server to client
  • retool/client-side processing
  • [query.isFetching now false]

i don't know how well that aligns with what you had in mind, but i know for myself and our users there's room for improvement on the amount of information we can communicate about what's happening while they wait 10s for a 100MB response from the DB, or the network upload status of a big boi S3 object, etc.

for markdown in icon-text component there is a pending internal feature request: Markdown inside iconText component - #2 by DanBlonc

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