Messaging errors with GraphQL / other REST apis

GraphQL (and some other RESTful apis) present application errors in-band as JSON in the response, so the response has to be parsed in order to see any useful information. The Retool GraphQL doesn't really do that, so we end up seeing the usual query running feedback saying internal server error.
I suspect I could have a new query that parses the response and pops up a new message (somehow) with the error, but is it feasible to tune the integration to present the error from the JSON response instead of that generic error?

Hi Dave, what are you trying to do?

What I’d love to have happen is to expand the query running feedback from a generic error (like you see there) to indicate the specific error coming back in the JSON response from GraphQL.

Hi @hiren any thoughts?

Hi @dave, sorry for the really late response.

We are focusing this quarter on polishing some of these aspects of the application.
I’ll be working on GraphQL and the Table over the course of the next few months.

We’ll be sure to inform you when this is fixed.

Hey @dave – working a little bit more on this and would love some more detail, because I get errors back when I’m using my GraphQL resource. Mind getting in touch via

Sure thing, thanks!

Actually, it looks like there are additional details present now vs when I originally filed this (even for 500s). Nothing to do now!

Awesome! Thanks for following up

Hello, I still cann't find the configurable messaging errors in custom auth, my post is here

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