MAU pricing for consumers

We would have loved to use Retool for our actual customer facing UIs but the per-user pricing puts this way out of our budget. If Retool had MAU (Monthly Active User) pricing it would put things back in reach. Something to consider, it's a bit of a shame that you're investing in consumer-facing features but holding on to internal enterprise pricing. I can see in the forums here that that doesn't scale for other companies as well. Please don't read this as "consumer-facing features are not important"... they are! But you might face adoption issues because of your pricing model. Please keep building in this direction but update pricing to match so we can take advantage of what you're building!

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@alanlindsay ,

Do your external facing customers need to authenticate? If not then public apps work great.

If yes, but security is not a major concern there are ways to use public apps without real authentication but still have unique data per user. Let me know if you want a brief on how I did that.

If you need secure authentication, then your point it well taken and I know Retool is thinking through this.

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Yes, we need authentication. And actually, authentication providers are a good reference for MAU pricing models.

Hi Alan! We actually do have custom pricing (including MAU-based) for customers who speak with our account team. I would be eager to explore that with you if you're open to it: please shoot me a note at!