Maps Error message "undefined is not an object (evaluating '')"

My code is right but I'm getting the error message "undefined is not an object (evaluating ''):"


Any help appreciated

Hi @thomasatkinson! Thank you for those screenshots of your nested data—super great. Hmm I definitely see that it's previewing the right data. Where are you trying to display this data? Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the field where it's currently showing red?

And as a quick sanity check, if you return[0] from a JS query, does it populate the right value?

Sorry for the delayed response! I'm trying to display it in a Mapbox Map. Does this help?

Doesn't seem to populate the right value from a JS query

I was actually curious about returning just the latitude and longitude data and then using that to populate the map, but super confusing way to communicate that on my end :sweat_smile: