Mapbox Map component running on premise

Hi There!
I am new to Retool and it seems a great tool.

I would have to plot a few markers over a map with a limited extension that will be always be the same.
I have seen Interactive US Map Template | Retool and the Mapbox Map seems what I am looking for.

Anyway for my use case I have to run Retool on premise without assuming the availability of Internet connectivity, and I am not sure if the Mapbox Map component will work as it runs on the cloud version.
Moreover it is not completely clear to me if a Mapbox license of some kind would be needed.

Any hint would be greatly received.

Hey @luca!

The Map component uses a built-in API key, so you don't need your own license. However, you would need to hit Mapbox's API which requires a network connection and generally, Retool is set up to run with internet connectivity whether you use Cloud or Self-Hosted.

That being said, there is a version of Retool that doesn't require a network connection which you can inquire more about here. I'm a little less clear on Mapbox but it looks like their Atlas product might let you deploy an API on your own infrastructure that you could potentially interface with using Retool, though you would need your own license for that.

How are you looking to use maps in your apps?

Hi @Kabirdas !

Thanks a lot for your clarifications and suggestions.

How are you looking to use maps in your apps?
Current specifications are:

  • the map widget as well as the rest of the application should work even without internet connectivity
  • the map to be handled will be rather "small" 1-5 Km^2
  • the map will display one or multiple markers whose position will be retrieved through REST API calls to an on premise backend

At the moment I am still looking for the most suitable tool to implement the app.

Ahh interesting! I want to recommend using a Custom Component here so that you have some more flexibility in which service you use to display your map, in case Mapbox doesn't end up working out. I'm not sure what library provides that functionality though :sweat: curious what others might have to say about it.

If you do end up going that route you'd likely want to host a UMD build of the library (in accordance with this section of the docs) on your backend that you can reference. Sorry to not have a more complete answer!