Major performance issues using multiple lists in app

Has anyone else noticed that if you have multiple listView components in an app, the performance of the IDE slows down significantly? Has anyone figured out a way to improve performance while using multiple listViews?

For context, I have 22 different list views in one app. The number of entries in each list is dynamic based on results that come back from the database and offer the user the ability to add more items to the list view as if adding new rows to the database.

Here's an example of one of the listViews I'm using. The listView contains a selector and the button at the bottom right increases the count of instances in the listView by 1. The X next to each row removed that row from the listView.

Hi @jleem Thanks for reaching out! The good news is that we're working on listview performance! I wanted to link this post in case you're interested in testing out our new listview :slightly_smiling_face: