Loop through object with PDFmonkey


I've configured PDFmonkey to work with retool, so far so good.
But now i wanted to run a query on my database and send an array to PDFmonkey.

I'm able to send the Object with 10 keys to PDFmonkey but then im not able to loop across the object because i don't know the name of the object.

Anyone else that already made this work together with PDFmonkey?

EDIT: Any other suggestion to do the following is also welcome =>
Selecting projects from my database and looping through each project to generate a PDF with all projects below each other.

Hi @winnerke! I don't think we've come across this exact use case, but we're happy to help! Is this example from our docs similar to what you're trying to do? If not, are you able to share any screenshots of what you're working on? That may help us find the best solution