Looking to hire Retool Freelancer - Shopify Order Dashboard

Hi Retool Community,

I’m looking for a freelancer to create a shopify dashboard for my customer service team that replicates the search (by email, order id, name etc.) and display functionality of all orders, and has a field to add/remove tags, and change the address on orders and customers.

There will be several table views on the dashboard:
1a. All orders with Search functionality
1b. On click of row, a table to display Order Line item details, shipping address etc.
1c. Ability to edit shipping address
1d. Ability to add tags on order
2a. All customers with Search functionality
2b. On click of customer, display customer order history and total spend etc.
2c. Ability to add tag on customer
2d. On click of order no. to display order details
2e. Ability to change shipping address
3a. All Products with Search by name and SKU
3b. On select of product, to show product details such as qty available, description etc.

If there’s a freelancer that would like to take up this job, it would be great if you could PM me with the following:

  1. Your rates
  2. Estimated time needed for the job
  3. Some sample project samples/screenshots of past projects on retool (Shopify would be a plus!)

Thank you!

Hey there - we’ve done a ton of work in the Shopify space and are also Retool experts. Feel free to email me at chris@scopeinc.com! I’ll also PM you to be sure.