Looking for a way to disable UNDO, tired of losing work

On too many occasions now I have lost hours of work because an undo (cmd-z) undos something in a form and not the javascript I am working on. In this most recent case it removed the tab added and all the elements which where on it. All gone and no way to get them back. Undoing the undo doesn’t work. It’s gone and a couple hours of work lost.

So Anyway to disable undo so it isn’t an option?

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@brettski When you say undoing the undo, do you mean in the history menu?

I feel you on this, there are a ton of layers of changes for undo to choose between. Navigating change history also gets confusing and the system needs some streamlining.

Did you have multiple tabs of the same app open in the editor at once? That can cause conflicts between instances.

There should also be the redo option of cmd+shfit+z

Not open in multiple browser tabs. Not that I have calmed a bit after losing the work here are a few details. I was undoing a change in a JavaScript query. I cmd-z twice, the second one removed a tab from the tabbed container; and I had thought all elements with it. I tried cmd-shift-z, but that didn’t work. There also no entry in history on the tabbed container being changed.

After a while of trying stuff and looking around I was like, well you have to redo this work, so lest add the container tab back. I added a tab by adding a value to the array and the tab shown with all the elements still in it. Quite strange indeed.

After fixing up code and stuff I was back to where I was. I am no creating release versions often as kind of a safety net to fall back to as this is not the first time I have cmd-z’d had some stuff vanish and not come back with a cmd-shift-z

+1 On this.

The current “undo/redo” flow does not do what I expect. I expect it to track all of edit history (which will allow me to undo micro changes), but it instead complete undoes a large body of work. I’m not sure if it automatically reverts from the previous change history or not.

I am used to inputting cmd + z to undo any work on other editing tools (e.g. figma, miro, etc.), I instinctively press it here. However, doing it here has large negative side effects and simply trying to cmd + shift + z does not completely bring back all of the things I accidentally “undid”. Because the proper implementation for an undo/redo tree might be currently out of scope, giving me the ability to disable cmd+z may suffice.