Login via email & password

I am trying to log in using my email & password and I'm having the following error message: “This account does not support login via email and password. Please use an alternate login method.”
It was working the login via email and password until yesterday. Can someone help me enabling this type of login?
Thanks in advance

Did you change anything about how you log in? For example, did you try logging in via google?
Also, you may want to contact Support directly via chat instead of here because you will need to provide more information which could be sensitive.

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Hi @annafonte! @ScottR is definitely right on the money. If you've logged in with Google SSO before, you won't be able to log in with email/password at the moment. I can go ahead and reset your Google ID on our end, then you’ll just need to go through the Forgot Password workflow on the login page. Let me know if you'd like me to do this!

Hi @victoria, thanks for your quick answer.
Yes, I'd definetly like you to reset my Google ID on my end, after that I will go through the Forgotten Password workflow.
Thanks in advance,

Wonderful! Done :blush: Let me know if you hit any blockers here.

Hi! Could i also please do this? Id like to be able to log into Retool with Email and password :slight_smile:

Hi @max9767!

Definitely. I just reset your Google ID, so you're all set to go through the forgot password workflow to set up a password for your account.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!

Thank you!, Unfortunately when i use the forgot password option i get this error still

Hm! And to clarify, are you logging into Retool with the same email address you’re using for the forums here? If not, go ahead and DM me the email address you’re logging into Retool with! :envelope_with_arrow:

Hi, yes it is :slight_smile:

@max9767 Thank you for confirming! I just reset it again—could you try once more?

It worked! Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Okay, awesome. I reset your email the first time as well, but it must have failed somewhere along the way because when I went to try again this morning, I saw your account was still set to only use Google sign in. Anyway, glad it (finally) worked and thank you for confirming! :raised_hands:

Dear Victoria,
I have the same problem for one of my user, is it possible to reset his google ID
Kind Regards

Hi @VictorBonParfumeur! Absolutely. Feel free to DM me his email, or write into us at support@retool.com :blush:

Hi Victoria,
same problem for me I can't log in anymore properly on my account (I have tried to connect with google)

Can you help me with that?

Many thanks,

Hi @Bastien! Of course. Definitely! I went ahead and reset your Google ID on our end, then you’ll just need to go through the Forgot Password workflow on the login page.

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Closing this topic for now, but if anyone else runs into this (would like to switch from SSO to email+password login), feel free to write into us at support@retool.com :blush: