Listview problem

Hi i have a listview with some components on o modal form with a tab container, when i change in other part of my program some by adding , for example, components, all components on the listview are splittet down... Every time i must reorder them! Can you help me to solve this problem? thanks Paolo

Hey @paololops!

This is something our dev team is currently investigating and we can let you know here when there's a fix.

One thing you might try in the meantime, as a workaround, is to ensure that the listview always has at least one row while you are in editor mode. You can do this by passing (retoolContext.inEditorMode ? 1 : 0) as a default value. For instance, if you're passing {{ }} as the number of rows for your listview, try {{ || (retoolContext.inEditorMode ? 1 : 0) }} instead.

Note: Including some optional chaining can be important, since it can prevent the transformer from erroring out and returning null instead of 1.

Barring that, this seems to also be correlated with having dividers or spacers in your listview, so you can try removing those as well.

Let me know if either option works for you, or if you have any questions about them! Sorry for this inconvenience, this can be a particularly annoying bug to have to deal with.

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Hi, thank you for support: this solves the problem!
regards Paolo