listView field value populating a temp state var

I have a listview component populated with several fields where each field is dependent on the one before it so that a query can run based on previously selected data.

The problem I am having, is that I am trying to set the temp variable to the value selected after the instance of the form field is selected.

{{[i].field}} - this works when "i" is at 0 setting the temp state for the first instance of that field in the listView but it also only gives me value and not what I really want which is selectedLabel
when I attempt to set the value of the temp var in the next instance of the same field where "i" is now = 1, the temp var does NOT change....

What am I missing? (I can work with the value of the selection so I am not to worried about that but if I could get the selectedLabel of that field and populate the temp state var that would be a bonus.... :slight_smile:

Not yet resolved