listView Dynamic Heights

I've noticed in listViews, for a particular object it will set the height for all of those objects in the listView to the highest value for height.

An example use case is a simple display for user comments.

Here's an example :

Maybe I"m just missing something simple? In a case like this, I end up with a ton of whitespace that I'd rather just not be there.

I am having the same issue as @richschaeffer. Are there any fixes or works around to this issue? I have listViews with 150+ objects and there is a lot of additional white space being added.

I have tried adjusting the Heights between Auto & Fixed, as well as toggling Dynamic Heights in both the listView and the Text elements without any success.

Hey Rich and Andrew! It seems to be adjusting for me. Would you mind sharing some screenshots of your right panel configuration to see if we're missing anything?

It's a little inconsistent. I use editableText here but it's the same with just a text block.

I'm also running into the same issue (using self-hosted so I'm probably a couple versions behind), but I managed to get everything displaying correctly by switching from List to Grid and back and then Vertical to Horizontal and back.

@victoria any update on the solution here? I'm working with a grid and switching from grid to list and then back and toggling dynamic heights on and off didn't do anything. What's weird is that I had it working just yesterday:

But now the layout is off without me changing anything and opening Retool for the first time today:

Hi all, thanks for reporting this. This is a bug with the height of components inside List Views and will be fixed in upcoming versions! I'll update here when the fix is out on cloud versions.