ListView component value in JS Transformer

Hi, I'm trying to reproduce the Compose email part based on a select values shown in this template
In my case I'm using it in a listview, so I've a modal in each listview with inside the select and the text area.
This is working properly just for the first listview.
For the second list, is not switching the content of the textarea.

I tried to use the magic index [i] in the transformer, like {{select_ContactReason[i].value}} and
{{[i]}} but in both cases the result is null.


Hi @number15 Thanks for reaching out!

Generally speaking, the magic variable i should be in scope for any components inside the listView :thinking: It may not work well when referenced back in a transformer or query since i is defined from the listView (so you'd need to trigger a query from the listView in order to access i in the query).

That said, I'm having some trouble visualizing what is going wrong here. Would you mind sharing some screenshots?

When testing this out, I noticed some bugginess if I click the modal in the first listView item and then click the modal in the second listView item without closing the modal window in between. In this case, sometimes the components still reflect the first listView item