LinkList event handlers for deleted actions

I've noticed an issue in my app.
I have multiple tabs. In each tab there is a LinkList with actions related to the content of the tab.

To speed things up, after creating the first LinkList for the first tab, which had a few actions, I copied it across to the other tabs and then made modifications to it, including deleting actions I didn't need in those other tabs.

Following that, the LinkList component shows in pink with a red handle. It appears that in deleting the actions, the corresponding event handlers were not deleted, which leads to this error.

Hey @wabiloo, thanks for surfacing this here!

This is actually a known issue on our end, and the dev team is looking into fixing it. We can report back here when it has been resolved :slightly_smiling_face: In the meantime you should be able to ignore the error but let me know if it causes any further issues.

When the fix is done, I don't presume it will retroactively delete those events, right?
Is there any way that I can do it manually?

I've done some digging on how to delete the events but, unfortunately, haven't found anything that works. The best thing I know to do would be to re-copy the linked list and then delete the events before deleting the action. Though I imagine that could be a significant amount of work depending on how much you've configured them since :pensive: