Linking a Graphic

I am trying to link a graphic to an editing screen as explained below.

First I have a table which has a column for the company logo which I would like to link to the editing screen on the right as shown below:

Next I am showing how I link the text fields which are linked with default values like:

But I cannot link the graphic is the same way i.e.

How would I do this?


Hey @mdsmith1, you can try something like this:{{table4.selectedRow?.data?.Log01?.replace('https:','')?.replace('http:','')}

This works if you are storing an url to their website in the database.
For images you need to pass a link to the image or a file that you upload or JS.
You may need to select the correct type:

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Hi @mdsmith1 were you able to sort this out already? It would be helpful to see the underlying values from the table

I am not quite following you.

I am able to create an Excel file as per the first screen capture.

The second screen capture shows the logo itself.

I can't quite figure out what the code should be in the Excel File to get the logo to show.




Thanks for bringing this to my attention. For some reason I did not see the original post.


Hmm can you click into the image1 default value and show us what it is evaluating to?

The link in your screenshot is working on my side.


Here is the link.\KFC Logo.jpg

It should give you the KFC logo as in the previous post.


Yes, that link works on my side! If you can share any screenshots from your app, we can try to sort out why it isn't working :thinking:

It might also help to check the browser console tab for errors