Licensing - how to apply to on-prem


I'm currently on the Pro plan (cloud)

After creating a cloud app, I need to re-implement an on-prem version (via Fargate). I have the initial application setup done but the license is showing Free. How do I apply my Pro cloud license to the on-prem version?


Hi there,Thank you for reaching out about this topic. The subscriptions for on-prem and cloud are currently separate in Retool, which means that if you want to use the on-prem version, you would unfortunately need to purchase both at the same time. However, you can choose to cancel your cloud plan, and if you do, we will automatically pro-rate and issue you an account balance credit based on the date you cancel. This credit is then auto-applied towards your next purchases.Are you looking to maintain both instances in the long run?

Thanks Grace,

I would like to move to the on-prem plan but when I try to purchase from the on-prem site I get this message: “There was an error creating a Stripe Checkout Session”.

How do I resolve this? I’d like to cancel my cloud and purchase on-prem. Thanks!

To confirm, are you upgrading the On Premise tab subscription on while logged in to your cloud org, or on your on premise instance? If you are on your on prem instance, you’ll actually need to log in to your Cloud org at and click the toggle to “Enterprise” in the top right of that billing page. This is a bit of a workaround since we won’t be able to securely connect to stripe from all on premise deployments. After upgrading your plan on the cloud page, it will generate a license key that you can update your on prem instance’s license key environment variable to use.Can you try that and let me know if you hit the same error?

Thanks Alex, for Enterprise I only see a "Book a demo" button at the top right

That is correct, the self-serve on-premise beta covers the ability to deploy an on prem instance on the Startup or Pro plans with a maximum of 5 users, but setting up an enterprise plan contract will always need some more custom involvement. Going through the “Book a demo” option for that would be the best option to talk more about your use case and if it is the right fit