Layout of containers and components in editor stopped working Friday afternoon

Seems like the latest build broke layout functionality in the editor last Friday and unfortunately it is still broken this morning. Retool is a great tool but the level of instability over last week gives us pause

Hey @chris-g!

I'm so sorry about this. Is this still broken for you? If so, would you mind sharing any screenshots/screen recordings of what you're currently experiencing?

Hi Victoria,
I cannot move/size containers with precision ie: container_filter in screenshot. There is another container for a menu that doesn't show in the screenshot and I cannot get to consistently display. This was all working fine until late afternoon ET on Friday. Now I'm dead in the water.

To move containers without having to drag and drop, you can click on the little blue label (often in the top left corner) and use your arrow keys to move, or command + arrow keys to resize.

For your missing container, I'd be happy to help find it! This would probably be easiest by writing into Support, either via email to or by clicking the chat button located at the bottom right of our docs page, or the Chat with support button from inside an app!