Launching the Sidebar

We're excited to announce that Sidebar Frame is now available for all cloud customers, and will be available on-premise in the next couple of weeks! Together with the Header frame, this unlocks a variety of layouts that can make complex interfaces simpler to learn and more intuitive to use.

  • Add a Sidebar to any new or existing Retool apps from the left-hand side panel.
  • Dynamically control frame visibility - Use an event handler or call the sidebarFrame1.setHidden() method.
  • Do more with the Navigation component - each Navigation menu item can link to a specific app or URL, open a view of a container, or trigger any custom events.

Check out our docs to learn more, and share any feedback or questions here or send it directly to We are excited to see what you build with these new features!

Learn more:
Documentation: How Frames works
Documentation: How the new Navigation component works
Blog post: Introducing the Sidebar Frame: Create intuitive interfaces for complex apps
Webinar: Building complex full-screen layouts in Retool


just testing this new feature

any tip to improve my UI, appreciate it

thank you :smile:

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Thanks for sharing here as well @agaitan026 :blush:

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