JSON Schema Form - not from a DB

First time Retool user here.

We have a bunch of JSON Schema files stored in a GitHub repository.
I want to be able to use them to render the forms. I can successfully fetch them from a repo, and ideally I'd like to use a success event handler to set the returned object as the Forms schema.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Form can only pull JSON Schemas from a DB.
How can I achieve what I want? Any way around this?

Many thanks!

Hey @Assaf_Schwartz!

One common pattern is to have the form component reference your query data using a transformer:

The exact syntax you'll need to access each property depends on how they're being returned by GitHub. It may be, for instance, that you have multiple schema returned in an array that needs to be appropriately indexed.

Let me know if that helps! Otherwise, I'm happy to investigate further. It may help if you can share the structure you're getting back along with screenshots of how you currently have your app set up.