JSON Edit field not in Form.data

Hello - I am having an issue. I need a JSON editor but it is not working in a form. I place the field on a form but the field is not showing in the data attribute for the form it is contained in. Is this a known issue or is it something that I am doing incorrectly?

@dbows Welcome to the forum! Is it possible that you can provide some screenshots?

As you can see the Text Field shows in the data element but the edited JSON editor does not.

And all I did was create a new App, drop a Form on it and dropped a JSON editor and Text Editor - nothing else.

Thanks for the screenshot - I would switch this topic into Support and see if what you are trying to do is supported....I really don't know if it is or not...

I've noticed this as well. Here's how I've handled this in the past. One thing to note, is I don't think "reset after submit" works so you will have to handle that another way.

I am curious as to why it's not included in form.data


Writing in from the support team. So this looks like a bug to me. Would you be able to describe your usecase? Will you be having a form where users are inserting JSON specifically?


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Hey - thanks for getting back to me. Yes I have a JSON field in my DB and I need to edit fragments of JSON and then combine them into one object and add them to a single field in my db (I know it sounds strange). I want to traverse the data object to get the JSON fields by name (which is the JSON key) as I have a helper function that puts the fragments back together (I do this with other fields like text and it works fine).

I can work around it but if this worked it would be very helpful as I would not need to hard code a bunch of fields in my JS. And it is just inconsistent with the other editors so thought maybe it was a bug.

Thank you for the update! Glad you were able to find a workaround for now. I think this is actually sounding more like a feature request to me than a bug. I imagine it was intentional to leave something out like potentially sending JSON objects to the database. But, clearly, there are some use cases!

Would you be able to post here as well? This would allow more users to +1 and increase traction.


Thank you!