JSON body is very difficult to edit

It's very difficult to edit large JSON bodies for RESTQueries. See, for example, this query I'm building:

I have two ideas:

  1. a richer JSON editor that has tree navigation
  2. a JavaScript field like a Transformer, but for modifying the request before it goes out

I’ve started using the following pattern:

  1. create a Transformer named fooBody that returns the JSON object
  2. create a RESTQuery with the body {{fooBody.value}}

Hey @jamesarosen! You’re definitely right. Two things that might help:

  1. You can click function + f11 to make this editor full screen
  2. You could use a JSON editor component, and then reference the value of that editor
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And building on (2), I could hide the component for end-users so they never see the payload. Nice!