Javascript query to run php file?


I have a php script that I normally run as a cron job to populate a table in mysql.

I am wanting to run this php file via retool either when I change a date/time picker or click a button.

Is there a way I can run a php file and pass an argument via the url but done via retools javascript?

Edit: Just wanted to add I want this to run but not open a page so it just carries out the code in the php file to populate the database, but not actually open the file in the browser.

I have managed to get it to open in a browser using utils.openUrl()


Glad you resolved it - if you haven't already, you may want to take a look at Workflows for these kinds of tasks too, they can be very powerful and do much of these kind of cron jobs or on demand calls.

Hi, its not resolved.

I had just edited to add that I needed it to run the php file in the background without opening it in a browser.

I will look into Workflow though.

Ah I see. If your PHP accepts a rest call to trigger it then a regular retool query would achieve this, but without knowing the PHP it's hard to know if that would work for you.