JavaScript not returning data to CSV table

I have been trying to run a script in JavaScript that fetch all data from parent CSV, then distribute those data to respective child CSV. But the response data, that I fetched after execution, am not able to render those data to CSV table.
The Scripting includes fetching parsed/required headers and embedding the data against their fields and also referencing project ids with respect to their Organization and Contact details.
Please help me out to render the data to table or else check the logs of my query if getting disrupted.

@dhyey_03 Welcome to the forum!
Can you post some screenshots or examples of the query you are running and what the output looks like?

Here, above I have uploaded the image/screenshot about the issue been facing, Please take a look over it and let me know the best way to render the provided object to CSV table in retool.

Do you see data returned in the query? I don't see that in the screenshot.

Hey Scott R., Thank you so much for your quick response and help regarding the problem. Fortunately, we have resolved that query, but now we have another loophole, i.e., we aren't able to show respective headers for data in a
CSV table. Would you please take a look at this?
Note: I provided the screenshot that perfectly encapsulates the problem we've been having!

Hey @dhyey_03! Hopping in here to try to help. I have a few questions for you if you don't mind :sweat_smile:

What is this returning? And what kind of data are you putting into your table? Tables accept arrays of objects or objects of arrays!

And what are you ideally trying to accomplish? Setting the column names to something other than numbers? I'm not sure this is possible with the dynamic column settings, actually:

Thank you so much, Victoria and team, for helping. I just got out of the issue and it's been working great since then.

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