JavaScript editor component


We're looking into the possibility of incorporating a JavaScript editor component into one of our Retool applications. Something like this:

Upon initial investigation, I wasn't able to find anything that seemed to fit the bill so I was curious to see to what extent Retool could support such a thing. Either through third party plugins/extensions or if there is anything native (the JSON Editor text input component springs to mind) that might provide similar functionality (even if on a basic level).

Essentially, we'd like to avoid a component trying to output anything in say RTF format (like the Rich Text Editor component might do) and is more functional than what the Text Area component provides.

So to recap, does Retool have anything native that might fit (even if in rudimentary form) or does Retool support extensions or similar functionality that might make this possible?

Hi @Gandalf

you can certainly wrap any editor into a custom component.

Your users can write code on their own, of course, in a separate sandbox (no ReTool variables/component access).

The question is how to use the output the code is generating. You can send the code evaluation result back to ReTool as serialized content only (JSON, HTML, TEXT) and use it as variable within ReTool.

What's the use-case/scenario for your users?