Issues with rejoining ReTool with previously deactivated gmail addresses

Good day,
We are experiencing issues with logging in for a couple of members of our company.
They were part of a test group, that was added to a test team on ReTool.
After the test was done and I've terminated their accounts (not visible as members), we were supposed to start a new production team. However, when they want to login, they are told that they are member of an existing team, and therefore cannot join any more.

I went as far as to fully delete the whole test team account, and the error remains.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?



Hey @Nenad_Bartonicek!

Is this still an issue you're running into? Sorry for the late reply here but if it is it may be best to reach out to and share the emails of your teammates so that we can investigate what may be going on with their accounts!

Hi Kabirdas,
It's all been resolved, but thanks for your message! :smiley: