Issues with editing Modal components when "Close when clicking outside" is turned on

Hi Retool Support,

I'm having an issue with editing my Modals.

I currently have some modals set on "Close when clicking outside".

  • I open up a modal
  • Click on a component (with the intention of editing it)
  • Go to my right-hand side toolbar and click on any of the component's properties

The modal closes and the right-hand side toolbar switches from "Inspect" to Insert.

In essence, it's not allowing me to edit my existing modals.

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Hey PL13, thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have a bug report filed for this issue, and will update this thread when a fix is out.

Thanks @joeBumbaca .

What would the general timeline to have this repaired? I have multiple apps that use modals (pop-up windows). Unfortunately I'm now stuck because I can't modify any of them.

Much appreciated!

Hey PL13, unfortunately I don't have an ETA right now. I know that it is being looked at, and will be addressed. For now, to get you unblocked during editing, the best workaround would be to toggle off the 'Close when clicking outside' toggle for the modal.

Then you can edit any interior components, and switch it back on for regular use. I know it's not ideal, but will get you unblocked and moving forwards while we work on the underlying issue.

Thanks @joeBumbaca .

Unfortunately that won't work. To "Inspect" a component, I need to click on that component first.

The component is the modal. So once I open the modal, the pop-up window is open. The moment I try to toggle the "Close when clicking outside", it reacts and "closes" the modal, switching the left panel from Inspect to Insert.

If there's another way to toggle this, let me know.

I can work on other things for now.


Ah, yes, I should have been more specific in my instructions. You can select the component for inspection without opening the modal itself, by clicking on the 'nametag' of the component. This will bring the modal component up in the right hand inspector without launching the modal itself. You can then switch the toggle off at that point.

Here, that would mean clicking on the modal1 icon just above the button itself.

Hey PL, just to close the loop here. A fix for this went out in our deployment yesterday. So you should now be able to edit components inside of modals that have "Close when clicking outside" toggled on. Have a great day!

Thank you @joeBumbaca . FYI - your previous work around works. As for the fix that went into deployment, I assume the deployment hasn't happened yet? I'm still not able to edit components inside of a modal that have "Close when clicking outside".

No biggie as your work around is fine!

Hey PL13, this fix has been deployed to all cloud users. I have confirmed that my repro of the original issue is fixed and I can edit components inside of the modal with that toggle turned on. I'm glad the workaround was successful, but it should work natively now!

Hi @joeBumbaca .

Unfortunately I still have this issue.

a) I open a modal. This modal has "Close when Clicking Outside" toggled on.
b) I click on any component that's in the modal. For example, I'll click on a Text Input component.
c) The right panel will switch over to "Inspect" for that particular component.
d) The only property I can edit in this right panel is the name of the component. If I click on any of the other properties, the modal will close and the right panel will switch from "Inspect" to "Insert".

If there's a way for me to share a video recording of this, let me know.

Thank you!

Hey PL13, yes please! You can write in to or post something here. Either way we can take a look. I've tried this in a few different cloud orgs that I have access to and can't repro so any extra information would be helpful!

Thanks @joeBumbaca .

I've recorded a short clip and emailed it to support.

Problem solved! Clearing cookies/cache (post bug fix deployment) seems to have fixed the issue.

The modal now correctly slides underneath the inspection panel (it was sliding over it).

Thanks for the support!

Glad to hear it PL13!