Issues authenticating API resource with OAuth2

I have a NestJS API using JWT's for authentication which I'm trying to add as a resource in retool. The provider for my Auth is Clerk ( and I've set up an OAuth2 client for staging and production and everything looked good after configuring my retool resource to use this OAuth provider but unfortunately my requests were still 401'ing on my API.

I know my API authentication stuff is working as it's already using JWT's from Clerk without issue.

When I checked my server logs to see what bearer token is coming from Retool I'm seeing something in a format like this:


I don't have much visibility into how the OAuth flow is working within retool but I would have expected this to be a valid JWT as that is what Clerk returns from its /oauth/token api endpoint and I fired a request to clerks /oauth/userinfo endpoint and got a successful response. Looking at the debug tools in retool everything auth related is sanitized so it's proving difficult to debug. I raised a support request with Clerk initially but they've confirmed that endpoint definitely returns a JWT (Discord)

Any advice on where I've gone wrong in my retool config. I've tried using both the Custom Auth and standard OAuth options and can't see where I'm going wrong.

Apprieciate any insight you might have to get me back on track. Loving Retool so far but without this API resource it's not usable for us as we can't perform DB writes directly.

Hey @wprk!

Happy to dig into this with you. Do you mind sharing your other authentication steps and how you are passing the bearer token in the request to the base url of the resource? Thanks!