Issue with new Retool Runtime

We were excited to try the new retool runtime (App performance best practices) however we are running into a blocking issue.

We currently register global functions in Settings -> Advanced -> Preloaded JavaScript. These global functions are bound to the window object.

When using old runtime, the global functions are available and work. However, in the new runtime, these functions are not found.

Hi thanks for reaching out. Can we (retool) have your permission to log in and take a look at the app in question?

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Yes you have permission: Retool

Thanks. We were able to track down the issue. We will let you know once we roll out the fix!

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Hi there - just checking in - any chance you guys have released a fix?

Not yet, We are going through some QA to make sure it won't break other parts of retool. I will let you know when we deploy the fix.

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update: sorry I misspoke - it's not yet deployed but should be soon. I will post here again when that happens!

Hi this issue should now be fixed. Feel free to reach out if it's not or if you notice anything else.

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This should now be fixed. Let us know if you notice anything else.

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I upgraded our apps and ran into some more weird issues. Unfortunately, I don't know if I'll have the time to isolate these to the point where it's actionable. Migrating back to the legacy for now.

Hi, do you mind describing the issues? we are happy to investigate the cause if you give us permission to take a look at the app.

Sure, do you mind if we follow up via email? My email is

Sent you an email.