Issue with Input Component Permissions in Repeatable List (I accidently deleted this topic)

  • Goal:
    I am trying to achieve seamless functionality for my app's input component when used within a Repeatable List for filtering time conditions. The expected behavior is for the input component to function correctly regardless of the permission setting (Edit or Use).- Steps:

  • Details:

  1. Insert an input component inside a Repeatable List to use as a time condition filter.
  2. Set the permissions to Use and attempt to update the input.
  3. Observe that the input component is not selectable.
  4. Change the permission to Edit and note that the input component works as expected.
  5. Compare the setup with other apps where the same structure and queries are used without issues.

** I assume this is related with JS query

let arrayData = Object.values(currentTimeBlock.value);
let locationInput = LocationCondition.value;
const selectedIndex = currentAvailabilityIndex.value;

// 유효한 인덱스인지 확인
if (selectedIndex >= 0 && selectedIndex < arrayData.length) {
  arrayData[selectedIndex].Location = locationInput;  // 선택된 항목 삭제

// 배열을 그대로 상태에 설정

// deleteIndex 초기화

Hello @Hayoung_Lee!

Is the issue with the permissions toggling?

Is the input currently limited to only being usable when Use permission is active and you want it to work with both?

It was both. But I don't know why I didn't update anything but suddenly now it works. :sweat_smile:

@Hayoung_Lee Ah interesting that it was both, glad it works now!

Might have been a bug that we patched with an update :grin: